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Product Name:High pressure carbon dioxide fire extinguishing
The carbon dloXide is liquidized by high preSSUre and Stored in cylinders, when Spraying the carbon dioxide is expensing aha甲1y and absorbing a large quantity of heal, thus to reduce the temperature of the tire scene and dilute the oxygen level of the protected zone so as to put the fre out. carbon dioxide is a inert gas, which is inexpens non-polluted, dissipated, and traceless. The carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system is able to put gas fire out after the

gas supply sou阴;s   cut, and it is also able to put out liquid fre, solid fre of fusible materials such as paraffin and asphalt, solid surface fre, deep-seated solid fire such as wincey, fabric, and paper, and electric fre, elc. The system applicable to Ilbrades, archives, database, bulk storages of liquid, computer rooms, comm   unicalion rooms, generator room‘.substaVon rooms, oil immersion slots, mechanical mills, drying devices, and lacquer product lines. Note that orbon diqxide causes asphyxiation and the system shall be used where no people are involved. If the system fakes efiecl in working places appropriate measures shall be taken to ensure safety.