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Product Name:Super-size span Special type fire ...

The mechanical drivers that is specially developed can raise the inorganic curtain fold onto the top of the entrance with the power of the fire-fighting electromotor, give the solution for fire resisting division such as U-type , L-type , arc- type and super-size span fire zone. This distinctive technical solution was awarded utility model patent by State Intellectual Property Office of The People's Republic of China, No ZL-20062012312X.


 It can perform free turning and curves that is applicable to irregular shaped entrances such as fire resisting division in halls and escalators.
No entrance span limitation, no need for steel pole in the middle.
The whole curtain can be collected up in the ceiling , which perfectly coordinate with the decoration.
Stable and secure operation.
Fire endurance >3.0h, meets the requirements of national standard of Special Fire Resistance Roller Shutters without additional water curtain.

Fire resistance: test duration 180min, no damage to integrality of the product.
Heat insulation: rear side max average temperature Increase 68.2℃, max unit point temperature increase 82.6℃, heat insulation is still functioning.
Fire endurance: >3.0h
Smoke filtering value: <0.05m3(m2 ? min), pressure differential 20pa。