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Product Name:Extinguishing gas mixing system
 The integrate gas IG-541 is mixed by physical way of which52% nitrogen, 40% argon, and B% carbon dioxide. W hen it isapplied to the protected-area it soon dilutes小eexygento 72.5% of non  -combustible level and slops the combustion. On the other hand according to a long-term medical proof, a person breathes in an area of which 12.5 % oxygen and 2%一5% carbon dioxide obtains the Same amount of oxygen for the brain as he Is breathing in nortnal air (where 21 % oxygen and 0.03% carbon dioxide). This is because when breathing in a low oxygenenv   i「on   ment and the Carbon dioxide bevel increases to 2%一5 % a person intensifies and speeds up his breath to ensure oxygen supply to the brain cells in

 nit time. The 8% carbon dioxide in IG.5q1 is added in purpose to incre日se me wrmn dioxide level of the fm scene to 2%S0/< and in the mean time it does no harm to human body. The 40% argon speeds up the gas extension and mixtu阳in the proteded-a阳a and ensure equal mnceniralion of extinguishing agent



electric and electronic device rooms: wmmunication device rooms: protected metal and paper and silk antiques and audio and video archives; combustible liquid store-rooms and rooms of devices with combustible liquid: locations where combustible gas supply can be cut before applying the extinguishing agent; places where people would access or stay and fre-fghting protected settings are required


The extinguishing agent cronsists of inert gases from natural aerosphere which is non-polluted after spraying


Easy source supply of the extinguishing agent ensures long-term validity.


Mixture of inert gases  will not drop the temperature shaiy after it is applied in Ne protected area, thus, it will not  cause damages to hi-tech devices and valuable materials


 Higher storage pressu   a oRers longer transporting distance.7he combined distribution system is able to v}nnect more protemea area so as to reduce cost