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Product Name:Special type fire resistance shutter

Double rollers, double tracks, double shutter properly takes advantage of heat insulation of air, it satisfies the definition conditions of fire resistance's integrality and insulation by the national standard GB14102-2005 and GB/T7633, and performs the same effects of all kinds of special fire resistance roller shutter without protection of water curtain, fully meets the national standard of GB50045-95 Code for Fire Protection Design of Tall Buildings. It is applicable to various industries and residential buildings for fire zone separation, large workshops, hotels, warehouses, flight waiting rooms, etc. Standard sizes are adopted for length and width of the shutters, or it can also be customized.



Good fire resistance. It is made of several nonmetal materials with good fire resistance assembled through special process, It is flexible and with great tension strength, it has very strong heat and rust resistance that metal shutter can not compare with.
Smaller size: thin shutters that require little installing room, which lower the floor construction height.
Lighter in weight: weight of shutter is only 1/4 of the steel shutter, no pre-embedded process needed for stands.
Large span: due to light in weight small in reel, width of span reaches to 12m or above.
Flexible start-up, low noise and no protection need of water curtain greatly reduce the construction cost.
Various colors, can fit into interior design that provides comfortable feelings Instead of the cold and hard metal.
Three operation modes: fire-fighting center coordinating control (the center sends out control signal) , manual control electrical operating (the button control box performs electrical operation ) and manual chain control under

Fire resistance: fire endurance ≥3.0h;
Heat insulation: rear side unit point max temperature increase≤180℃, average temperature increase≤140℃;
Weight: approximate shutter weight 5kg/ m2.