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Product Name:Composite steel fire ...

Products are developed under requests to fire resistant roller shutters by large size locations, advanced techniques are applied to integrate the function of fire doors and fire resistant roller shutters, thus, to perform the synchronous rolling, shutting, escape orientation opening, and auto-closing of escape-door and roller shutters, it applies for fire protected area separation of escape routes.


Fine outline, compact structure , high intensity, easy on/off design , low noise .
Microcomputer intelligent time adjustment, easy to operate.
Auto protection for phase shortage and phase sequence alteration , over load protection and alarm function.
Limitation protection of electronic process after failure of mechanical process limitation .
Easy to install and could be placed either on both sides or in the middle of roller shutters, various sizes are available for different locations.
Anti-interference, high volume of main control circuit, longevity of service.

Input power: AC380V±15%, 50Hz, Power of roller: ≤1.5KW.
Open force of escape-door≤120N, open angle≥90° .width is 650mm - 950mm, height is 1700mm - 2000mm.
Operating temperature:-10℃-50℃, relative humidity:≤ 92±2%.
Fire endurance>3.0h, smoke leakage ≤0.2m3/(m2 ? min)
Wind pressure resistance capability: intensity of wind pressure resistance 1178Pa.