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Product Name:Composite Steel Fire-resistant...

  Consists of shutter board, base board, tracks, smoke-proof device, reels of the stands, cabinet, control box, on/off component, limited switch, manual release switch and buttons. The vertical lifting roller shutter can operate automatically or manually and can perform coordinated control by controlling modules together with the fire auto alarm system. It is applicable to various industries and residential buildings for fire protected area separation, thus, to gain more time for fire-fighting and reduce injuries and economic damages. Applicable locations include tall buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals, libraries, factories and workshops, dangerous goods warehouses, and underground


Fine outline , compact structure, high intensity, easy on/off design, low noise.
Microcomputer intelligent time adjustment, easy to operate.Fine outline , compact structure, high intensity, easy on/off design, low noise.
Auto protection for phase shortage and phase sequence alteration , over-load protection and alarm function.
Limitation protection of electronic process after failure of mechanical process limitation .
Two-step switch off and escape setting.
Anti-interference, high volume of main control circuit, longevity of service.
Input power: AC380V±15%, 50Hz, Power of roller:≤1.5KW。
Operating temperature : -10℃-50℃, Relative humidity: ≤92±2%。
Fire endurance>3.0h, smoke leakage≤0.2m3(m2?min).
Wind pressure resistance capability: intensity of wind pressure resistance 1178Pa.