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Product Name:Fluoroform (HFC-23) Fire Extinguishing System
Fluoroform (HFC-23) is manually compounded gas which is colorless, almost flavorless, and non- cxinductive, it doesn't cause ozone hole, and it is low toxic, non-polluted, it is also a clean gas that does no harm to human body. HFC-23 puts of fire in both physical and chemical modes, which dilutes oxygen level in the fire scene to stop the combustion, simultaneously the extinguishing agent releases free radical to destroy the combustion chain reaction, thus, to perform an ideal extinguishing effect. The feature of high steam pressure makes it suitable for buildings with high domes or long transporting distance. HFC-23 is applicable to computer rooms, communication rooms, generator rooms, libraries, data rooms, archives, gasoline storerooms, and lacquer rooms, and it is applicable to protect areas such as offices or where people would access and stay.