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Product Name:Bulk - Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide Systems

The Bulk Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide Systems are ideal for non-occupied fire hazards requiring large amounts of extinguishing agent in a limited space. A single bulk tank can store from 3/4 to 60 tons (680 to 54430 kg) of carbon dioxide, which is maintained in a stand-by fire-ready state that allows the system to provide effective distribution of agent on demand. Bulk low pressure CO2 systems offer multiple discharge capabilities between recharges as an economical option.

The liquid CO2 is stored in an ASME-coded pressure vessel equipped with its own refrigeration system. The temperature within the vessel is kept at approximately 0 °F (-18 °C) by maintaining the internal pressure near 300 psi (20.7 bar). Valve control is electro-pneumatic or manual. Each master and selector valve assembly consists of either a ball or a butterfly valve, a spring-return pneumatic valve operator and a three-way electronically operated solenoid valve. Typical hazards protected by carbon dioxide systems include printing presses, transformer vaults/electrical cabinets, open pits, dip tanks, rolling mills, ovens, coating machines, process equipment, exhaust and fume handling systems, flammable gas or liquid storage areas, generators and inerting applications.

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